Management Team

Alexander Vanderhey

Alexander Vanderhey is an philanthropist, venture capitalist, and private credit investor. 

With a family history in the shipbuilding, banking and manufacturing industries, Alexander grew up with inside access and an early investment education across multiple markets. 

He, along with his wife, are true activist investors , helping ventures that make an impact in high-growth industries; blockchain, AI, gaming technology and media.  

Leveraging his worldwide connections to create value in companies spanning multiple industries and geographies — Alexander partners with other prolific family offices including the Yongxin Li Family Office, HongKe Group, Gideon Group and O’Torre Holdings.

Austin Moody

Austin Moody has been a staple of the Las Vegas Valley for over twenty years. His knowledge of the gaming industry comes from a family portfolio of revolutionary intellectual properties which caused a turning point in the previously archaic distribution of new casino games. His family companies, including Action Gaming Inc. and, share secrets of value for the consumer on a daily basis. The Moody Family has utilized their base to diversify and create value in many other industries – making investments all across the middle markets in the United States.