Advisory Board

Ernie Moody

Ernie Moody is a legend in the casino gaming industry.  Following his founding of the Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk, Co. in the 1990s, he moved on to game development.  A stroke of genius to play multiple hands of video poker at once revolutionized the speed of the game for both the house and the player.  His landmark licensing deal for this concept laid the base for a gaming empire and a deal with IGT Corp that is known to this day.  Following his prior success, his firm, Action Gaming and it’s dba, have continued to create hallmark concepts in the casino game industry consistently for the past twenty-five years.  Utilizing his expertise and capital gained in the gaming industry, Ernie parlayed into a diversified investment empire spanning everything from venture capital to real estate.  

Matt Clemenson

Matt Clemenson, co-founder of, has been leading technology teams since 2005.  He served his community to develop his skills at an inner-city school district in Phoenix, until relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 to work with the Expedia, Hotwire, IAC conglomerate.  Matt was a part of various enterprise teams responsible for 1000’s of servers globally, BI warehouses, engineering environments, and virtual pioneering, eventually leading the internal technology team – learning vastly critical business and technology processes to be applied to other mid-market companies looking to bring order from chaos.  
He left in 2011 to join LesConcierges, a B2B service company with 75 employees in a single office and a new arduous contract with Visa.  Matt took over the technology team, implementing the infrastructure necessary to scale, and thru his success was promoted into the CEO role.  LesConcierges grew to 440+ employees across 9 global offices and was the largest company in the concierge industry globally – with premium brand clients including Visa, American Express, Chase, Hilton, Apple, Google, Facebook, and many others.  LesConcierges merged with John Paul, the second largest concierge company in the space with 330+ employees, where Matt left just before acquisition by Accor hotels.  Matt left to start AutoLotto (now with his business partner Tony DiMatteo.   Matt has served in a consulting capacity in many technology and leadership advisory roles, including TGP portfolio company GoHealth’s inception, now among the largest urgent care chain in North America – including integration into classic hospital ERP systems – and has spoken at conferences on unified communications, security best practices, blockchain technology, hospitality, Salesforce, and of course, lottery. has pioneered bringing a paper only, highly regulated industry into the modern age.  Clemenson has developed business critical relationships with U.S. lottery regulators, state political leadership, professional sports teams, Native American tribes, international regulators, association members and beyond to bring Silicon Valley best practices to one of the most important and oldest society mechanisms of raising money for good causes. now has authority from state regulators in nearly a dozen states, and partnerships with some of the most prominent charitable causes on Earth, including UNICEF.

Ron Hopkinson

Ron Hopkinson has played a significant role in some of the largest leveraged buyouts and high-profile private equity transactions consummated in the marketplace on behalf of some of the world’s largest private equity firms and private equity consortiums. He also has worked with leading corporations in major acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate restructurings including the representation of the United States Government in the restructuring and buyout of General Motors and Chrysler. 
He began his legal career at Latham & Watkins, where he headed the Private Equity division and subsequent Partner positions at Cadwalader and Cooley LLP where he spearheaded the development of their own private equity engagements. He graduated magna cum laude with his Bachelors at Harvard University and cum laude with his Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School.